I was super skeptic of the product when I first knew about it and did not even bother to check it out. There are numerous products out there claiming to be of utmost quality & effectiveness and I thought that this is just another product on the list.

Up until my dad got interested in taking it. A few weeks ago, my dad called for a local Chiropractor & underwent its procedure. Afterwhich, he was advised to lose weight because it is the primary reason for his worsening knee pains.

This is my dad's 10-day transformation.

My dad is dead serious and desperate but due to age that is 67, his metabolism has never been cooperative. That was when he started researching on the internet for some remedies. Not a quick one but a product that can assist him in losing weight but does not require any dieting or exercise. He loves food I guess. And he found UNO PREMIER NUTRIFAB. It is a pickled plum that has been enriched with Garcinia Cambogia and all other ingredients.

To his surprise, he lost weight in a matter of 10 days! Yes, 10 days! And that is without exercise and dieting! Amazing!

What is unique in this product is the fruit - this is the only product that is not a capsule, not a tablet, not a powedered juice, not a coffee and not a pill. It is a fruit enriched with other ingredients including Probiotic & Prebiotic!

And now, I am very much interested in taking this product.

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